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Serious About Tech is a technology website and podcast. It is where we, meaning Zachary Webb and others, get down-and-dirty with technology in news, reviews, and discussions.

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Episode 3 – Bose Headphones may spy on you, Why have a website, and Apple’s WWDC

Sorry for not having an episode in July. I have been very busy (but haven’t we all?).


Bose headphones may spy on you through the Bose app.

Bose was caught collecting data about what you listen to with your Bose wireless headphones. They could do this because of their app, which users could use to control the settings for their Bose audio products.

Having a website is a good idea for businesses.

Businesses should have a website because potential customers can find you easier. You can also have a central place for your contact and social information. Some more things you can have on your business website are company blogs, shopping carts, or customer testimonials.

Buy a website from (hint: it is my business) and get 10% off your website solution by going to

Apple had its World-wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2017)

Apple held its WWDC on June 5. There they announced the Homepod, a new home audio device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo, which has superior audio playback quality to the other home audio devices. Apple also announced ARkit, they’re new augmented reality toolkit. Apple has long been behind on this field, but this new toolkit shows their interest in this new platform.

For podcasters, this conference brought news of new podcasting features in iOS 11. Podcasters will be able to tell Apple Podcasts that their podcast is episodic, meaning in order from newest to oldest, and also serialized, meaning the podcast is a story-type show, and should be listened to in seasons.



Where are the summer episodes?

You may be wondering when I am going to record and release the episodes for July.

I have show notes ready for one episode, so I may record it this week. If I don’t, it is because I am very busy with summer activities.

I am also looking for a guest to come on and talk about technology in the automotive industry. Contact me to be a guest.

Be sure to watch the feed and the Serious About Tech Twitter account for more exciting episodes on technology.


Teenagers and Technology with guest Jim Collison – Episode 2 of Serious About Tech!


I have been wanting to have someone on the show, so I asked Jim Collison to come on to Serious About Tech! to talk about teenagers using technology.

Teenagers should be using technology in more than a consumption manner.

Most teens is this day and age only use technology as a consumer. Most do not think about the technology they use, or how they can develop for these technologies.

Coding apps, websites, and more is good for teens to do.

Teenagers should be coding in Scratch, Python, HTML/CSS, and others. These skills will be useful for teens in a career of technlogy, or just in case they need these skills to program bots, robots, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles.

About the Guest

Jim Collison is a podcaster at and also works for Gallup Technology as IT Manager. He was named a Microsoft MVP in April 2011. Before working for Gallup, Jim worked at Omnium Worldwide as the director of Enterprise Information Management and also worked at Commercial Federal Bank. Jim is now the President of the Gallup Federal Credit Union Board.

Find the guest online.

Twitter: @jcollison

Google+ +Jim Collison

Jim Collison hosts Home Gadget Geeks and Ask the Podcast Coach.

He also makes Gallup’s webcasts and podcasts.


Knox Podcast Microphone Review

This microphone is a great dynamic cardioid microphone for podcasting and voice-overs.

Buy on Amazon:


Episode 1 – LastPass, Samsung, Galaxy S8, Windows Creators Update – Serious About Tech! podcast




We want to know what you want us to talk about! Send us feedback.

Windows Creators Update

The Windows Creators Update is an update for Windows 10 that will bring 3D Paint, game mode, and extra privacy settings to Windows. It will come in mid April 2017.


LastPass had a security vulnerability that would have allowed malicious Javascript to get your passwords. This was fixed, and LastPass is still a good secure password manager.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samasung Galaxy S8 was announced this month. It will have a 5.8″ screen and on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, a 6.2″ screen. This phone looks very nice, with a very nice display and design. It will cost $750 for the S8 and $850 for the S8 Plus.

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 0 – What’s coming from Serious About Tech!

In episode 0 of the Serious About Tech! podcast, I tell you what I am going to talk about in the next ten episodes. These include eBay, websites, podcasting, and much much more. But remember, you can change these or submit new ideas! Just contact Serious About Tech!

This was my first episode for Serious About Tech, so I would appreciate feedback.

This podcast will have several segments every week. Your Security Brief will give you updates on your security and privacy online. There will also be a news segment and feedback section.

I am also looking for co-hosts and guests! You can apply for appearance on Serious About Tech! here.


What to expect from Serious About Tech!

Serious About Tech is a podcast, but this site also will have videos, articles, and news with technology.

We will have a podcast released every week (hopefully) and videos several times a month.