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Electric Cadillac and Collection #1 Data Breach – Episode 15

Electric Cadillac and Collection #1 Data Breach

Cadillac is moving into electric vehicle territory.

Cadillac, owned by GM, is planning to sell electric vehicles and SUVs in order to retain its shrinking market share.

Learn more at Business Insider.

Collection #1 Security Breach collection

Troy Hunt, a security researcher, released Collection #1. Collection #1 a large collection (87GB) of email and password combinations found by multiple people on MEGA, a popular cloud storage service. The information in Collection #1 comes from several sources and security breaches.

You can check if your email(s) or password(s) were found in Collection #1 by going to If your email is found in the information of one of the breaches, the page will tell you which one. You may need to change your passwords if they are found to have been breached.

I recommend LastPass to keep track of your passwords for websites and services. It can also generate secure passwords and automatically fill login forms.

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