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Episode 8 – Cellphone Carriers, Part 1 & T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

Cellphone Carriers, Part 1: Recent Changes

Recently, US carriers have went “unlimited.” However, they still throttle speeds down, or only give so much LTE data before throttling to 2G or 3G speeds.

Speeds on LTE in the US have improved overall in the last few years, with T-Mobile leading the speed jumps. The other carriers have also improved speeds, as well as providing 4G to more areas across the US.

OpenSignal’s January 2018 State of the Mobile Network report

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T-Mobile and Sprint Merger

On April 29, 2018, Sprint and T-Mobile’s CEOs announced that they have agreed to merge. However, this merger is really T-Mobile buying Sprint out for $26 billion.

This merger is not a done deal yet, as the FCC and other US agencies have to approve it. Serious About Tech will keep you posted.

Sources: WhistleOut, OpenSignal, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and theDroidGuy.

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