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Where are the summer episodes?

You may be wondering when I am going to record and release the episodes for July.

I have show notes ready for one episode, so I may record it this week. If I don’t, it is because I am very busy with summer activities.

I am also looking for a guest to come on and talk about technology in the automotive industry. Contact me to be a guest.

Be sure to watch the feed and the Serious About Tech Twitter account for more exciting episodes on technology.


What’s coming from Serious About Tech!

What’s coming in SAT? Here are some topics: eBay, websites, podcasting, and much much much much more. But remember, you can change these or submit new ideas! Just contact Serious About Tech!

This podcast will have several segments every week. Your Security Brief will give you updates on your security and privacy online. There will also be a news segment and feedback section.

I am also looking for co-hosts and guests! You can apply for appearance on Serious About Tech! here.